MOODmonday 1.2 | Back to IT!

MOODmonday 1.2 | Back to IT!

1. MacBook Pro | 2. Tiffany & CO Key Necklace | 3. Portmans Tara Textured Suit Dress | 4. Pump Water Bottle | 5. Australis Nail Colour | 6. Pantone Colour Book | 7. Express 24/7 Gym | 8. Swiss Women’s Ultivite

After a lovely break under the Fiji sunshine, I am now home and today got straight back to it! No matter how short or long a holiday you take it is always hard to get back into your routine which is why it is always better to get back to it as soon as possible.. For me a typical week and day starts at 6.30am with my first stop being gym, before making myself feel pretty and heading to work. 6 months ago this routine wasn’t easy but with dedication and motivation I now wouldn’t want it any other way and actually missed this while away. Along with my favourite clothes, jewellery, nail colours, vitamins, water and work stationary my days start and finish with an energised and happy me which makes every monday a good one, whether that is after a weekend of indulgence or a beautiful holiday away.

Happy Monday bloggers.

xx AJO


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