MOODmonday 1.0 | It’s a Chanel Kind of Day

MOODmonday 1.0 | It's a Chanel Kind of Day

1. Chanel J12 watch | 2. Chanel chance perfume | 3. Chanel mascara | 4. Chanel cruise 2013/14 look 13 | 5. Chanel nail colour 577 mimosa

The first day of the week can always be hard but no matter what day it is my favourite Chanel products are one thing that can always make me smile. With New York City being my love & dream Chanel can make me feel that I’m walking down the streets of the Upper East Side no matter where I am. The fashion, scents, colours & materials all amazing and when I’m wearing anything Chanel I know I’m ready to take on the world or in this case Monday! Each of us deserve a little Chanel in our lives, so make everyday a Chanel kind of day. Happy Monday!

xx AJO


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